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Hey Gang!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful, amazing, beautiful support and encouragement you’ve shown me since I announced I’d be opening up a bakery in my I Am Afraid post. So now, I’m super excited to tell you how the progress of my So Many Cookies Bakery is coming along.

Lemon Chocolate Drizzle Cookies
  • I’ve registered my company with the state.
  • I’ve read and re-read all the rules and regulations for what I can and cannot sell and how I can and cannot sell it, including the restriction of only selling within Colorado’s borders. If you’re interested in more details here’s a link.
  • Once I complete my mandatory food and safety course on May 17th (assuming I pass the test with flying colors) I will be able to open my internet doors for business.
  • Which brings us to the biggest news, I am allowed to sell and ship my goodies online! You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy homemade tasty treats.

Moving Forward

Traditional French Croissants

So now you know (hopefully) when you can order, but how will the ordering process go for these goodies you may ask? Well, here is my plan for controlling the flow of supply and demand.

I will open my online shop to take orders for one week a month with a selection of baked goodies to choose from, which will change from month to month. Note: there will be a place to put in requests for the next month’s options.

I will then work for the next three weeks to bake, fulfill, and ship those orders.

*If you do not want to pay the shipping cost, I will designate one weekend day a month that you can come by my house to pick up your goodies.

To be notified when the shop is open for orders, what the goodies of the month are, and the day you can pick up in person is, then please subscribe to my newsletter so this information can arrive safely in your inbox on a monthly basis.

Newsletter – If you would like to be alerted when new baked goodies go on sale for the Colorado area

Thanks Again! I’m so excited to get baking!

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